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Best Point Education & Behavioral Health offers a range of on-campus programs to help children function successfully in the classroom.

All of our education programs are made possible by our highly trained staff of licensed intervention specialist teachers, educational aides, and   therapists – each dedicated to helping children overcome their learning difficulties and succeed in their homes, schools and communities.

The on-campus educational programs at Best Point Education & Behavioral Health include:

Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATS): Best Point Education & Behavioral Health partnered with CATS in 2020 and is designed to serve at-risk teens by harnessing unseen potential and developing it through the transformative power of the arts. CATS bridges many gaps for at-risk youth, teaches critical and marketable 21st century skills and discipline, and equips them for promising careers after high school.

Best Point Education & Behavioral Health School: Best Point Education & Behavioral Health School is designed for students with disabilities that have behavioral and learning challenges. All children referred to the school must have an IEP and district referral, for grades K-12.

Educational Evaluations: The Olympus Center at Best Point Education & Behavioral Health offers complete and comprehensive diagnostic services for children and adults to assess for learning disorders that influence a person’s ability to perform academically.

Heidt Center of Excellence: Our newest program provides students grades 6-12th with autism and related diagnoses a high-quality, individualized education that supports the continued development of social and life skills in an academic setting, as well as a comprehensive transition program for students who have continued their education beyond their senior year.

School Calendars 2024 – 2025

For more information about campus-based educational programs at Best Point Education & Behavioral Health, contact the Intake and Engagement Center at 513-272-2800 or via email to