ABOUT OUR PRESCHOOL Our full-day preschool, located in a state-of-the-art facility, provides high-quality education for 3-to-5-year-old children. Because of our work, we excel at supporting at-risk children, especially those with behavioral challenges; but, our school is open and staffed for any 3-to-5-year old. Our student-to-staff ratio never exceeds 10 students for every teacher. Step Up to Quality 5-StarOur preschool has the highest-possible rating – five stars – from Ohio’s Step Up to Quality rating system, signifying that our quality standards go beyond the state’s licensing requirements. Cincinnati Preschool PromiseThe pioneering Cincinnati Preschool Promise has approved our program for tuition reimbursement, giving more children an early start to their educations and laying the foundation for success in school and life.


With research showing the long-term impact of early childhood education, we’ve been expanding our preschool capacity. By moving to our new Red Bank building, we doubled the number of our classrooms to two. Each classroom is nearly twice the size of the former preschool classroom on our main campus. The larger rooms allowed us to create additional learning centers, giving students more access to puzzles, books, blocks, and other educational items. Because of the Preschool Promise, we expect demand for our preschool will continue growing.


We urgently need to add classroom space for young children, who come mostly from families at or below the poverty level. Our Red Bank building can accommodate about 40 preschoolers. With more funding, we would create a third classroom, giving us the space to serve 60 preschoolers.

“Children love coming to our preschool. I’ve had parents tell us their children are upset when they have to stay home on the weekends. Here, they’re having fun in a caring environment while growing academically, socially and emotionally.”

-Jill Smith, Preschool Director


“This program has awesome staff and services.”

“I have told everyone I know to send their children here.”



Parents who would recommend our preschool services to their family and friends.

Parents who say the teachers take good care of their children, help them learn to get along with others and are good teachers.

Parents who say the teacher and program work with them to meet their child's individual or special needs and help them get other resources in the community as needed.


Children's developmental delays that are identified and referred for supplementary support services.

Children in our preschool for at least six months who demonstrate progress in cognitive and language skills.


We use positive language and interactions to teach children the social and emotional skills needed for school success.

Students can use our muscle-movement room, a spacious area with a padded floor that’s ideal for indoor recess.

Our classrooms feature observation windows – one-way mirrors – where parents can see their children without the children knowing, assuring parents that their children are in a safe, nurturing environment.

Layna Has Learned a Lot

After spending less than a year in our preschool, 4-year-old Layna has learned so much that her mother, Justine, is confident she’ll be ready for kindergarten ahead of schedule. She can count to 30, writer her name and knows where she lives. “This stuff she’s learning, I can’t even believe it,” Justine said. Layna’s imagination has grown as well. She has developed a strong sense of how to play and pretend. Now, Justine is eager for her younger son to attend our preschool, too.

Rachel Feels More Comfortable With Us

Aiden’s mother credits our preschool for her son’s progress. He can recite the alphabet in sign language, knows his colors and shapes, and speaks in full sentences. That’s impressive considering he’s only three years old. With our staff’s help, he is also learning how to formulate questions, showing his emerging skill of critical thinking. When he gets over-stimulated, our staff is teaching him how to stay calm. “It’s a great program,” said his mother, Jennifer. “The staff is wonderful. I’d recommend it to anyone.”