Best Point receives $50,000 in grants from The Charles H. Dater Foundation to support multiple youth programs.

The funding will advance and integrate the CATS Program and Culinary and Nutrition programs at Best Point Education & Behavioral Health.

CINCINNATI, OH (September 12, 2023) — Best Point Behavioral Health and Education announced today it received $50,000 in grants from The Charles H. Dater Foundation for the CATS (Cincinnati Arts and Technology) program and the culinary and nutrition program. The Charles H. Dater Foundation awarded six new grants in July totaling $525,000, including contributions to Best Point Education & Behavioral Health.

Best Point’s CATS program received a $25,000 grant which will support the elevation and integration of the studios programming at Best Point. CATS offers programming to Best Point students across multiple campuses as a part of the student’s special education curriculum AND it provides an after-school program for credit recovery and/or a required seal or certificate towards graduation. The CATS program is creating more pathways for at risk high schoolers that increase their chances of graduation, employability and/or post-secondary education.

Best Point Education & Behavioral Health’s Nutrition program also received a $25,000 grant. The Culinary Education and Nutrition program is a newer curriculum component teaching youth about healthy eating, training them in basic cooking skills and advancing youth into formal pre-culinary and culinary programming, seals, and certification opportunities. The program also empowers at-risk students by equipping them with skills for success in the field of culinary arts while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“The timing of this gift is most appreciated as Best Point starts the 2023-24 school year. This contribution will help Best Point lift, leverage, and lead our community’s youth towards success. We appreciate the leadership and support of The Charles H. Dater Foundation,” said Pam McKie, Chief Impact Officer at Best Point.

About The Charles H Dater Foundation: The mission of The Charles H Dater Foundation is to make grants to non-profit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area to carry out projects that benefit young people in the areas of arts/culture, education, healthcare, social services and other community needs.