Best Point Education & Behavioral Health

Best Point Education & Behavioral Health offers day treatment programs for children ages 3 through 18.

For Children Ages 3-8

The most intensive of our mental health programs for children ages 3 through 8, our Early Childhood Day Treatment program provides a structured, therapeutic environment where children work on building attachments, modifying behaviors, and improving overall functioning to reach their individualized goals.

This 3.5-hour program also aids children in building positive relationships and maintaining progress outside of the therapeutic environment.

The focus of each Early Childhood Day Treatment program includes:

  • Promoting behaviors that are developmentally, socially, and age appropriate
  • Supporting the healthy development and functioning of young children and their families throughout a variety of environments and contexts
  • Parental involvement to assist caregivers in meeting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of their young children.

For Children Ages 8-18

For children ages 8 through 18, this intensive, full-day, campus-based treatment program consists of group and individual mental health services designed to help participants manage their anger, enhance their social skills and build self-esteem. These therapeutic services are combined with an education program staffed by teachers at Best Point Education & Behavioral Health.

The highly structured schedule of therapeutic groups and activities is designed to meet the individual mental health needs of each child in the program. The therapeutic environment allows the children to try new behaviors, receive immediate feedback and gain new insights.

Our goal is to prepare children to transition back into the daily routine of home and community, better equipped to manage their emotions and behaviors.

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