From Uncertainty to Fulfillment: An Intern’s Perspective

Two years ago, Nadia walked on to the campus at Best Point. As a Behavioral Health intern, she didn’t know what to expect. Would her experience further her career? How soon would she be able to meet with clients? Was she even a good fit for this kind of work?

These questions and more plagued her thoughts. She also felt excitement. After all, this was the opportunity she was going to school for, so she had high hopes for her internship. Still, the feelings of uncertainty were strong.

As she entered the training room on her first day, her fears quickly faded. Her supervisor, Ingrid, was so kind, so understanding, and so in touch with helping Nadia achieve her goals. Within two months of starting her internship, Nadia was already equipped to begin meeting with her own clients. Just a few months later, she even had the opportunity to see one of her clients discharged because of the incredible progress he made due to her help. It was an extremely joyful moment.

Along the way, Nadia always felt incredibly encouraged in her internship experience. Ingrid would consistently tell Nadia how well she was doing. She would point out areas Nadia excelled at naturally, as well as helping her learn new skills. Nadia implemented Ingrid’s instructions and continued improving as she felt the fulfillment of helping her clients become better every day. As Nadia put it, “I don’t know where I would be with my confidence and my ability to do this work if I didn’t have this internship at Best Point.”

Overall, Nadia considers her internship a huge success. Going from a place of hope but uncertainty as to whether social work was the best career option for her – and moving beyond that uncertainty to a place of love, passion, and fulfillment as she was able to develop her skills and determine that social work, and Best Point, were indeed her perfect match. Nadia is incredibly grateful for her experience and would highly recommend the Best Point internship program to others.

​Her best advice? “Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to express your needs and the goals and interests that you want to reach or engage in… you won’t know what you really want to do until you start doing the work.”