Historic Cincinnati nonprofit launches new venture with nationally recognized clinical psychologist to combat stress and mental health crisis

Best Point Education & Behavioral Health and Transform Consulting launch Best Point Solutions

Cincinnati, Ohio (November 21, 2022) – To combat the shortage of mental health resources and the overwhelming demand and need for counseling services, Best Point Education & Behavioral Health and Transform Consulting have joined to launch Best Point Solutions.

Best Point Solutions provides online courses to address and prevent mental health challenges facing today’s children, adults, parents, teachers, and caregivers.

“Preventative strategies can help lessen the likelihood of mental health struggles in the future,” said John Banchy, president and CEO of Best Point Education & Behavioral Health. “But there is a severe shortage of behavioral health workers right now. We hope early interventions via online classes can be part of the solution.”

The first two courses available from Best Point Solutions are Getting Calm: The power of a less stressful life and a Parenting online masterclass that teaches parenting skills to all types of caregivers. Both classes are written and taught by Dr. Robin Thompson Arthur, CEO and managing director of Transform Consulting and former Chief of Psychology for the Linder Center of HOPE.

Getting Calm is a one-hour online workshop that teaches what stress is, how it contributes to emotional and physical illnesses and strategies for reducing it. The Parenting masterclass contains three modules with three lessons per module. Each lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete and helps parents help their children rebound from stress, depression, and anxiety. Course costs are $29 and $59 respectively, offered, at these introductory rates until January 1, 2023.

“Over three decades, I have amassed an enormous toolbox of strategies and skills to help patients and families cope with stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Arthur. “I particularly love to teach parents – especially those with multiple children – because they can then, in turn, help all their children. In a counseling session, I may only work with a single child, and that’s why I am excited about this new digital platform and our ability to reach as many people as possible with information and knowledge to help them live a more joyful life.”

In 2022, nearly three-quarters of parents (73%) thought their child would benefit from mental health counseling, according to Annie E. Casey Foundation data. And according to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the 2021-2022 academic year, 76% of public schools in the country reported increased concerns around students showing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma.

“Data like this convinced me to partner with Best Point to form Best Point Solutions. How could we not jump into action and try everything possible to help,” concluded Dr. Arthur.

For more information, visit BestPointSolutions.com.