Kindergarten Readiness Home Visitation Program (SPARK)

SPARK, which stands for “Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids,” is a literacy readiness program that supports the social, emotional and cognitive development of preschool children. Its goal is to create children who are ready to succeed in kindergarten, and schools that are ready to educate them. To do so, SPARK works hand-in-hand with parents to promote school readiness — and with schools to ensure the successful transition of all children into the educational system.

SPARK’s home-based services include developmental screenings, learning plans, follow-up assessments, and individual therapies as needed. SPARK home visitation services are available to families in the neighborhood of:

  • John P. Parker Elementary in Madisonville
  • Carson Elementary in Price Hill
  • Mt. Airy Elementary in Mt. Airy
  • Roll Hill Academy in North Fairmount
  • Norwood View in Norwood
  • Williams Ave Elementary in Norwood

SPARK is provided in partnership with Santa Maria Community Services, the Hamilton County Library, Cincinnati Public Schools, and the University of Cincinnati Speech Pathology Department. Evaluation services are contracted through Kent State University.

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