When young children experience social, emotional or interpersonal difficulties, it affects their behavior and interferes with their daily lives. Individual and family counseling services provided by Best Point Behavioral Health by The Children’s Home are available to improve the functioning of the child and family. These services are provided on our Madison Road campus and in home, school, and community settings.

Early Childhood Counseling

Early childhood mental health therapists are specially trained to work with young children with behavioral health challenges. Our therapists use a variety of interventions – including play therapy, expressive art therapies, and attachment-focused interventions – to help children and their caregivers work toward improved functioning and well-being.

Early Childhood Case Management

Early childhood case managers provide a variety of community-based services to young children and their families. As members of the early childhood mental health team, case managers are specially trained to help clients improve their functioning in a community setting.

Early Childhood Day Treatment

The most intensive of our mental health programs for young children ages 3 to 8, our day treatment program provides a structured, therapeutic environment where children work on building attachments, modifying behaviors, and improving overall functioning to reach their individual goals.

This daily 3.5-hour program also aids children in building positive relationships and maintaining progress outside of this therapeutic environment, including:

  • Promoting behaviors that are developmentally, socially, and age appropriate
  • Supporting the healthy development and functioning of young children and their families throughout a variety of environments and contexts
  • Parental involvement to assist caregivers in meeting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of their young children

When we began the 2016-2017 school year, our agency began offering an Integrated Therapeutic Classroom as part of our early childhood day treatment program. This innovative new environment will offer both mental health and education services within the same classroom by the same staff.

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