Jaran’s Oyler School Success Story

Jaran is a second-grade youngster who has trouble following the teachers lead and behaving appropriately in class.

For him to be successful academcally, it seemed that helping him manage his behaviors was a critical next step.

When he first started coming to the after school program at Oyler, Jaran frequently fought with other children, had difficulty following the routine and listening to staff.

To help Jaran with his behaviors, we worked together on creating a behavior chart.

It was clear in this process that Jaran knew what he needed to do but struggled in self-regulation.

One of our School Age Supervisors began meeting with Jaran daily and provided problem solving and encouragement while reviewing his behavior chart.

They would talk through alternative options and she let him know she believed in him.

When he has had a good week, Jaran is given the option of joining “Fun Friday” with the older boys group.

This has proven to be a motivation for him.

Recently the decision was to move Jaran to the older boys group.

This has helped Jaran’s self-confidence and his teacher reports improvements in the classroom.

Jaran has shifted to making safe choices during programming, following directions the first time being asked, using respectful language, showing kindness to other students, and actively participating in activities.

We are so proud of Jaran’s improvement and are excited to watch as he continues to grow!