individuals impacted annually
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of clients lead meaningful lives (remaining in school or are employed)
collective years of proven success
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highly qualified and trained employees
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of clients stay out of trouble with the law
Services in over 70 partner schools and 300+ neighborhoods

We provide the best network of community-based and evidence-based mental and behavioral health services to strengthen individuals and families with the necessary tools and make them feel cared for, valued, and safe.

We lift individuals and families in need to empower them to reach their best point for meeting life’s challenges.

Behavioral and Mental Health Agency Cincinnati Ohio
Best Point Education
CoStars Early Childhood Services
Got-Special Kids
HEIDT Center of Excellence

Why We Joined

We are two organizations who have followed similar paths collectively for 347 years. Together, we have an opportunity to maximize the best services of two of Greater Cincinnati’s longest serving nonprofits and serve a larger community of vulnerable children and families.

When we combine resources to make an impact for nearly 20,000 children and families each year, then the real question is, why not?